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Rose Ariadne

Jumbo Baby Blue Recycled Glass Beads Garland

Jumbo Baby Blue Recycled Glass Beads Garland

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Looking for a way to add a touch of beachy charm to your home? Look no further than our beautiful Rose Recycled Glass Bead Garland! This garland is perfect for adding a pop of texture and color to any space, whether you hang it on the wall or drape it over a shelf or table.

Each garland is made from recycled glass beads in a gorgeous blue/aqua hue, adding a touch of coastal whimsy to any room. twisted raffia at the top gives it a cute, rustic look that is perfect for any farmhouse, boho, beach house, or lake house decor. Tumbled and with a perfectly imperfect finish, this garland makes a great gift for yourself.

19-23 x 22-27mm bead, 4mm stringing hole
• Strand Length - 28 inches
• Number of Beads - 32 approx

• Jumbo Baby Blue Recycled Glass Beads
• The bead strands are created to have some movement so that you can cross the strand easily.
• This Loop is on cotton and has cute twisted raffia at the top.

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