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Mid-Century Modern Full Length Mirror, 64"x 21"

Mid-Century Modern Full Length Mirror, 64"x 21"

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Our dressing mirror is extremely versatile, there are metal hooks behind the mirror, you can hang it, disassemble the bracket first by removing a few screws, quite easy, then hang it to the wall, or it can be supported by a U-shaped bracket and placed on the floor.

The size of a dressing mirror can provide all viewing angles in one. It’s enough large for you to see your entire figure in a single glance. The weight of the mirror too heavy, so we don't recommend hanging on the door.

The full-length mirror is made of 5mm thick mirror and covered with an explosion-proof membrane. When the mirror is damaged, the explosion-proof membrane prevents the mirror fragments from falling and protects your safety.



Style Name:Modern & Contemporary & Contemporary

Manufacturer Part Number:JJ00725zzc

Max Order Quantity:1000


This full-length mirror adds a modern feel to your living room or bedroom with its rounded rectangular shape and thick wooden frame. Its made with a shatterproof finish, and its frame boasts a neutral brown hue. We love how vertical mirrors like this one give the illusion of a larger room, making it great for small and large spaces alike. This versatile mirror stands freely, but it can also mount to the wall. Hang this piece beside your closet or arrange it in your entryway for one last outfit check as you walk out the door.

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